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Baby Room Fun

Here are a couple new additions to  baby’s room. This owl is a painting my friend Joni made. Isn’t is the best? I just love it. Little did she know how perfect it would go in the room. She’s just like that.


This is a mobile we made over the weekend. We had ordered an old mobile off Ebay, but part of it was broken when we got it  😦    So we cut the animals off and attached them to an ebroidery hoop with ribbon and Voila! I like the way it turned out.


This is a little shelf with some of my fawns on it. Looks good next to the curtains!



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Last weekend we went to our dear friends John and Deedee’s daughter Isabel’s first birthday party.  Seems like she was just born- where did the time go? I’m sure that will happen with our baby too- we’ll blink and she’ll be 11. Sigh…..There were lots of babies there which was great for us to practice with ! Oh and a delicious red velvet cake (my favorite) from Sugar Mama’s  bakery. You can imagine how happy that made me.





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The waiting game

I had my last day at work yesterday and now I am ready to get this party started.  I have been pretty patient up until now, but now that the due date is a week away, I am getting ancy!  I’m 39 weeks with one to go (officially) bus she could arrive any day in the next two weeks really. The not knowing is killing us!  Here’s the last installment of “look how my stomach has grown over the last 5 months” – first photo is 18 weeks, second is 28 weeks, and last one is 38 weeks.  I actualy seem to be getting bigger by the day now, so maybe I’ll take one more at 40 weeks (if I make it)….


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Its here- another year. I love the beginning of a new year- the possibilities, the hope, the plans, the resolutions. This year, especially, will be off to an amazing start with the birth of my baby later this month.  Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have this experience.  One of my resolutions this year is to be more grateful.  I feel that I am one to stop and count my blessings, but I want to be even more aware of all the things I am thankful for on a daily basis.

On a different note, I am 37 weeks pregnant! 37 weks! How did THAT happen!? D- day is really almost here.  I can’t believe it. But I could not be more excited about it. Lots of big changes these last few weeks.  See below photo for one of them.


This is what my finger looks ike when I try to get my ring off! Notice the lovely red- purplish hue.  That’s as far as the ring goes. Gotta love swelling.  Lets just hope this is as bad as it gets and I dont need help from the fire dept. to cut it off ! (the ring, not my finger). Also, my face and feet are swelling too. Nice. I have two pairs of shoes that are comfortable. Some I cannot even get on my feet.  Other developments of late are many more pee breaks,( at least once an hour, every hour), a chocolate milkshake craving that came on out of no where and won’t go away (four in four days), and a weird loss of balance. Almost fell over in a store with Wayne yesterday. Whoa! I’m sure there is more but I think that gives you an idea!

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