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We’re Jamming

Thought baby needed to hear some tunes. I like how Niblet wants to be in on the action. She seems to already know that our attention is going towards baby and she’s not even here yet!



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Before and After

Well, its not really “before and after”, but I couldn’t think of a good title for this one.  This should have been posted a couple of weeks ago, as I am now in my 31st week, but oh well. What are you going to do?  The photos on the left side are me at 18 weeks (4 1/2 months) and the ones on the right are me at 28 weeks (7 months)….its fun to see the difference in belly size. Can’t wait to see the change when we add the 38 week photo to it- look out! I’ve already gotten much bigger since the 28 week one. There’s some serious growing going on in there. baby weighs over 3 lbs. now and is the size of a head of cabbage……just so you know. …..Grow, baby, grow!



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It finally felt like Fall last night and I didn’t waste any time celebrating it! I had a hankering for soup and I’ve been craving cheese lately (when am I not in the mood for cheese though?!)  so it had to be Broccoli Cheese Soup. I found a recipe that I had never made before, and let me tell you, it’s now got a permanent place in the ol’ recipe book. It was very good!


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A New Day Indeed

What an important moment in our country’s history.  The people spoke loud and clear on Tuesday, and although President Obama has his work cut out for him to be sure, I am so very hopeful that he will get the job done and continue  to inspire others to be a better person the way he has inspired me.


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28 weeks and counting

Had my 28 week dr. appt. this week- before I became pregnant, I was always a little confused as to why everyone talked about their pregnancies in weeks instead of months. it can be confusing! When someone asks you “how far along are you?” and you reply ” 23 weeks” or what have you, you usually see a confused look on their face followed by “how many months is that?” Totally understand.  Its much easier to hear ” oh, I’m 7 moths pregnant” than ” I’m 28 weeks pregnant”. But now that I am deep in the heart of pregnancy (third trimester starts tomorrow!) , I realize why its all discussed in weeks- because so much changes every single week!  It’s amazing.  The last few weeks this girl has been moving around like crazy. It’s so strange and wonderful all at the same time! To look down and see your stomach move is so bizarre. I love it though! Even the doctor commented on how busy she is in there during the ultrasound.  Her heart rate was 145, and she weighs about 3 lbs. now. She better get busy- she needs to at lest double that in the next 11 weeks!

Here are a couple of 3 D images from the ultrasound this week- so different from the mornal ultrasound pix. You can really see facial features in the 3D ones. The technician just showed us a little sampling of the 3D style and captured the images for us- we didn’t get to see her whole body like this. You still can’t differentiate much, but it all makes so much more sense in person than in photos. As a bonus, she gave us a yawn and rubbed her eyes too. So exciting!



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Here is  photo of an Apple Galette that I made yeterday. Come to find out, “galette” and “tart” are pretty interchangeable. Can’t really find a difference between the two. It was awfully good- basically it is like an apple pie without the pie pan, and a lot more rustic than a pie. It took no time at all to put together. With a little vanilla ice cream on the side, it’s definately a keeper! I am on a baking frenzy lately. Last week it was Applesauce Oatmeal cookies from the Martha Stewart book “Cookies” that I got for my bithday, and I’ve got a trick or two up my sleeve for this wekend’s project.  Stay tuned, if you are so inclined!


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