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Zilker Park

This morning Ro and I went to ride the Zilker Zephyr train at Zilker Park. The weather was beautiful and I wanted to do something outside. We hadn’t been on the train since our friends from the UK came when she was 9 months old, and I was excited t see her reaction. Well, she loved it- clapping, laughing, shouting, the works. It was so much fun to do together. I loved having her in my lap for a good half hour as the train slowly chugged on by, feeling the breeze on our faces, and just enjoying the outdoors.


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I had been looking forever for just the right bookshelf for Romy’s room– I wanted one that allowed books to face out so she could see the full covers, but could never find what I was looking for.  Then I saw this from Ohdeedoh.com (which I read all the time)  and knew that it was exactly what she needed! They are spice racks bolted to the wall (with anchors) So off to Ikea Wayne went, and he “made” her one exactly like it.

I am so happy with it- and can you imagine my excitement that it cost a whopping $12.00 altogether??! Holla! She loves it and is so excited to choose her books from it each evening to read before bed time.

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Look Who’s Two

My sweet baby girl turned two on Sunday if you can believe. I sure can’t!  We celebrated with a couple friends and family members- it was just perfect. She definately knew it was her birthday, and she was grinning ear to ear as we sang Happy Birthday to her.  It was very sweet. All week she had been saying “birthday coming” and we would tell her, “yep, soon” and “not yet” and she would say “not yet”. Cracked me up.   I think we are in for a really fun year with her- no doubt there will be challenges ahead, but as she grows and learns in every stage  she becomes more and more fun.  Right now she loves to draw (with a pen of course) , read, chase and be chased, be tickled, watch Yo Gabba Gabba, give kisses, and has started playing with her baby dolls- putting them to bed, etc. It’s really fascinating to watch. Happy Birthday Robelle! We love you so very much!

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