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6 months

Dear Romy,

You turrned 6 months old yesterday. Half a year. Can you believe it? I cannot. I had heard that it all goes by too fast but wow. You are changing at lightning speed! Its so fun to watch. To celebrate your 6 month birthday, we took you to see Dr. Brooke for a nice round of shots! Not so fun, I know but I promise we’ll make it up to you on your real birthday. All I can say is that this motherhood thing keeps getting better and better and just when I think I couldn’t love you anymore than I do, I wake up to face another day and love you even more. Seriously. Love, Mama

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Found this posted to a street light on our street.

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It says: “Attention Neighbors! I am cleaning up the neighborhood and you can help! I am working really hard to keep this neighborhood clean. I patrol around, pick up trash and when my plastic bag is full, I put it in a near by trash can. Wanto to know the cool thing about it? You can help too! Its easy and fun. Just follow these simple steps. 1. When you smoke a cigar or cigarette, dont throw it on the ground- put it in the trash. ”

I love this kid! I want to meet him/her. I also chuckled that there is not a #2. to the list, only #1. Funny!

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So Monday I went to my sister Jamie’s going away BBQ and wouldn’t you know, I left my camera at her friend’s house overnight. I blame new-mom-itus. (Aka-newfound forgetfulness) Anyways, that night it rained in Austin for the first time in weeks, and did I mention that I left the camera outside on the patio table? And that it wasn’t noticed till the next day? So….the rain got to it and its broken. We will add that to my melancholy mood from the last post. Wayne looked up the warranty and it’s expired. Of course it is! So no new pix from me for awhile. I will just have to entice you to read my words of sheer genius with no pictures. Who am I kidding? If you are reading this blog it’s probably to see photos of Romy! Stay tuned my friends, stay tuned! Looking into cost of repairing camera.  Oh! On a positive note, I found a daycare near us that does not have a waiting list for infants so they can take Romy as soon as I can find a job. So that’s a relief.

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