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My shuggie turned 4 months old last friday! She also had her 4 month checkup that day, and came in underweight. We have to figure out why- the Dr. thinks it might be acid reflux or that she may not be getting enough to eat. Its very frustrating! She is changing by the week now, really getting into her toys, noticing her surroundings more, lots of babbling and almost laughing. She smiles all the time which just melts the ol heart. Here are some recent photos from this week….

DSC02558 resized

DSC02562 resized

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Mothers Day

Yesterday was my first Mothers Day. I received many well wishes from so many friends and loved ones, and Wayne took mom, Romy and me to breakfast, AND made me dinner! It was a wonderful day- and I didn’ t even care that I had to work at noon. I was on cloud 9- thinking of my new role as mama all the way there….and counting my blessings. Life is good.

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No real reason

other than to show off my little lady looking ever so cute. I took this today after creating her first ponytail. She is looking so grownup – sniff, sniff! Next week she will be 4 months old. Holy cow. How is it possible?

DSC02477 resized

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