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rainy day

Finally we got some much needed (really much needed) rain today and it was glorious. Nice and overcast and dare I say a bit cool out. Meaning, not in the 90’s. It was really fitting to my mood today as well. I just needed it to be overcast, know what I mean? Lots of deep thinking going on, reflecting, and applying to lots of jobs. Feeling a little down today. I forgot how stressful it is to search for a new job…. ugh. Then there’s the daycare situation. I’m on a 6 month wait list for the one I preferred, but looks like I need to find one with an opening for Romy ASAP. Bit nervous about that happening. Oh well, all I can do is take this day by day…….on a lighter note, we have just spent over a week with Wayne’s amazing sister “Aunt Anna” and a few days with her husband Sean, who were here visiting from Portland Oregon.  She and Romy bonded instantly- it was pretty cool and so fun to watch. Romy clearly loves her to pieces! Pics coming soon……oh! I should mention that poor Anna and Sean had to endure our outrageous RECORD BREAKING temps while visiting. We had several days in the 100’s, and if memory serves it was 105 one of the days. Did I mention that they live in cool and crisp Portland Oregon? So you can imagine what they thought of the stifling heat! But they are troopers and really didn’t complain. One more reason to love those two. We really really miss them so much.


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5 months old!

just have a minute but have to say happy 5 month bday to the sweetest pea there ever was!  to celebrate, she received a crazy new contraption called an exersaucer-these terms are all new to us!- that i got off craigslist. I’m quite pleased with myself on the bargain i got. Anyways, apparently she’s supposed to have one, so now she does. its supposed to help her learn to step and prepare her for standing. yikes!

DSC03114 resized

as you can see she is a bit confused. there is alot going on with this toy. we’ll have to take it slow! but she really got into it after a few minutes.

DSC03112 resized

this was taken yesterday too- in her new outfit her aunt jamie gave her. so sweet. this kid will melt even the coldest heart!

So tomorow wayne’s sister anna and her hubs sean arrive to meet romy! we are so excited. will be fun week.

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signs of summer

DSC02830 resized

basil and rosemary on the patio- wouldn’t be summer without these.

DSC02828 resized

the oleander in the backyard is blooming! And has gotten so big. I thought it would never grow two summers ago.

DSC02900 resized

my peanut’s first swim! and she loved it!

So summer is in full swing, and although I must confess I am not a fan of Texas’ hot hot summer temps, it does come with alot of rewards.

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no clever title

well, I’ve been feeling un-inspired to say the least. Maybe because I’ve been so preoccupied with Romy’s acid reflux issue and all that goes with that. Its been a bit stressful but I think she’s on the mend. She’s eating better and seems to be getting bigger. We’llsee what Dr. says at 5 month checkup in a few weeks.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I am sitting here eating way too many handfuls of yogurt covered raisins and am reminding myself that I started this blog for ME to ramble, not to be witty for others, so I should just write more often so I don’t feel guilty for ignoring said blog. Here’s a few photos of what’s been happening around Camp Magruder:

DSC02698 resized

Wayne’s folks came for a short visit over Memorial Day. They crammed in lots of lovin on Romy to be sure.

DSC02747 resized

in an effort to get Romy to eat without crying 😦  we gave her some rice cereal and hoo-boy, she loved it! As you can see from her face. She wasn’t so sure at first, but once she got the hang of it she was all over it!

DSC02634 resized

Good grief I love these two. The loves of my life. When I think I have the right to complain about something trivial, I can look at this photo and realize I am truly, truly one blessed gal.

The end.

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