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As I’ve been picking up bits and bobs for Romy’s Easter Basket over the last few weeks,  I have come to realize that starting these traditions  for her makes me really happy. I wouldn’t be surprised if I get more enjoyment out of  planning what to put in her Easter basket than she gets fr0m receiving the basket! At least while she is two.  This week she got to partake in a little egg hunt at daycare, and brought home a bag filled with plastic eggs that had individually wrapped candy inside.  The next day after lunch I let her pick out two eggs to open and made a big production out of getting the two pieces of candy. Her eyes literally lit up when she saw the shiny bite sized Three Muskateer  inside. 

Romy: What’s that?

Me: that’s candy

Romy: takes skeptical bite

Me: smiles

Romy: Candy yummy

Me: I know, it is yummy isn’t it?

Her second selection was a lemon flavored tootsie roll, and I swear it took her 30 minutes to eat that thing. She took the smallest little nibbles off of it as she held on to it for dear life, her hands getting as wet and sticky as possible, drool getting everywhere. Cracked me up. These little first discoveries with her bring me such joy, I cannot even tell you.  At two, she is just getting started with all of the wonderful things that childhood holds: Easter baskets, Christmas stockings, tooth fairies, birthdays. I feel so blessed to be able to experience these things with her and to be a part of creating these memories for her.  I will surely have my camera ready on Sunday morning, ready to capture the look on her face when she discovers the basket the the bunny left for her.  Can’t wait! Happy Easter everyone!


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27 months


My sweet angel,

Where to start?  Lately it’s like a little cognitive bomb went off in your brain.  You are sharp as a tack, funny as heck and sweet as a pea. The things that come out of your mouth amaze us.  These come to mind: ” it’s delicious”, “daddy you so funny” “I’m so sad” . You are aware of what emotions are and the expressions that go with them. You LOVE your books and it thrills me to see you choose a couple and climb up on the couch and “read” them to yourself. I am grinning ear to ear as I hear your sweet little voice tell the story. The fact that you can entertain yourself now for a good 20-30 min. now makes mama very happy. You know your ABC’s front to back, and love to sing them. Happy Birthday is still your favorite song, and we sing it each and every night as we rock you before bed. Happy Birthday to Mimi, Niblet, your friend Sophia, mama, daddy, etc. Boy am I tired of that song. You also like Five Little Monkeys,You are my Sunshine, Three Little Birds by Bob Marley, One Two Buckle my Shoe (which you can sing by yourself), and Rock a Bye Baby.  You are a great eater, and not especially picky. I love that you will eat carrots dipped in hummus and guacamole. You love oatmeal for breakfast and your favorite snack is “fruit bits”.  Good lord, If I let you, you’d have 4 packets!  You take no less than one lovey, one paci, two books and several stuffed animals to bed each nap and at bedtime.   Lets talk about the potty. To say that you are proud to wear big girl panties now is an understatement! You are officially potty trained, and I can’t believe how easy it was. You were just ready. It only took a few days really of wearing pull ups last month and that was it- you weren’t having any accidents so we just put you in panties and the rest is history. I wasn’t expecting it to go so smoothly. But you love climbing up your step stool and pulling down your own pants, then wash your hands and turn off the light. All. by. yourself. “I do it by myself” is what we usually hear when we attempt to help you. You have a plethora of new panties with Cinderella, Dora, Yo Gabba Gabba and other little critters on them. It cracks me up.  Honestly, although you have your “terrible two” moments, they are few and far between (I’m sure you are saving them for when you turn three, which I hear is not for the faint of heart).

I just love you to pieces and am so very happy to be your mama. You are the apple of our eyes and I could not ever imagine life without you.

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My parents came to visit the last week of March. We had a great time, and one thing we did was go to the  Annual  Zilker Botanical Garden Show. The weather was perfect- mild and on the cool side, great for walking around leisurely. Grandpa gave baby as much kettle corn as she wanted, as Grandpas do. A good time was had by all.

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Why, hello April! I’m so glad you are finally here. Perfect temps, flowers blooming, herbs planted, toes painted, sandals purchased, back doors opened.

 The best.

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