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Happy Earth Day

Romy reminds you to Reduce, Recycle, Re-Use!



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One of the tiny things I love about our house is the jasmine vine in the front. Every April it starts to bud and I then realize it is indeed really springtime. It just started blooming almost overnight, so I snapped a pic.


It grows pretty wild and I often clip a little off and put it in a vase in the house.  By mid-summer all the flowers die off from the heat, which is a bit sad but that just makes me appreciate it in the spring time while I have it!

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April 13th

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary. Wow. Has it really already been 7 years? It doesn’t seem that we’ve been married that long yet! What can I say other than I love this man so very much. I am honored to be his wife and I love him more and more every year.


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say cheese

this is what you get when you try to force your baby to take a photo when she is not in the mood and is on the edge of a meltdown:


How miserable does that look? Right after Wayne snapped this she started screaming. In my ear. I deserved it for making her pose.

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