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two months old


This face is why I can live with being sleep deprived and dirty on most days.  Even though I am so sleepy that I need toothpicks to prop open my eye lids and several cups of coffee, I often want to wake her up from her nap just to see her start her round of smiles- she is so happy when she wakes from sleeping, she has started smiling so big now that it just kills me. I do whatever I can to make her smile- usually its singing. Wayne and I have memorized all of the tunes on her musical toy- and when I sing to her she just smiles and smiles.  Who else would tolerate and even LIKE my singing so much?

Other things that have startes happening in the past couple weeks are her eyelashes are really getting long, and her hair is getting lighter by the week.  She loves looking at her mobile above the crib and laying on her back but hates being on her tummy! She also loves sleeping in her swing and hates sleeping in her crib.

I can’t wait to see what she looks like at 3 months old. I am taking in every detail because I know it will all pass way too fast and when I blink she will be graduating high school…..


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8 weeks later….

So much has happened since the last entry, which was written two days before my life changed forever. Romy Belle was born on January 23rd,  7 lbs. 5 oz of pure sweetness. I’m still pinching myself. I had waited so long to meet her and when I fianlly held her in my arms, nothing could have prepared me for the love I would immediately feel for her.  I’ve spent much of the last two months just staring at her in awe. We knew we’d love her, but man, its pretty overwhelming. She takes my breath away.  Some day soon I am going to write out her birth story, mainly for her when she is older, but for me too. I don’t ever want to forget the magical (yes, magical!) experience that happened that January night.

Here’s my sweet girl and me, happy as two clams.


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