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trick or treat

Happy November 1st! Did I really just type November 1st? Geeze. I’m really glad we’re knee deep in Autumn, but at the same time, I’m not quite ready for all of the holiday hubbub surrounding Thanksgiving and Christmas just yet. So I will talk about our Halloween. We had a really fun Halloween weekend, starting out on Saturday with a little Fall Festival at Ro’s school, and topped off yesterday with trick or treating. Little Miss’s first time! I wasn’t sure what to expect— would she be shy and scared and not really want to go up to the doors? Or would she love it and run up to each house squealing in delight? Come to find out, she is quite the fan of trick or treating and by the second or third house she was a real pro! She wanted to ring all the doorbells and she said trick or treat loud and clear and really poured on the charm. A couple of times people thought she was a mouse and she would tell them “I’m a kitty”.  Where does she get the chutzpah? Not from me! We went with some friends who have a 1 yr. old little boy, who made the cutest vampire you ever did see. We all commented on how fun it is to be re-living our childhood by taking our own kids out trick or treating. I honestly can’t wait to do it again next year.


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