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It’s all about the onesie

How do I love baby onesies? Let me count the ways. First of all, its just fun to say. Onesie. See? Second, babies look cute in them. Here is one that Wayne bought for baby. Isn’t it cute? I cannot believe one day soon it will be filled with a baby (my baby!) instead of hanging on a hanger.


We babysat  Isabel, our friends John and Deedee’s little pumpkin, this weekend. We need the practice! We had a great time with her. Boy are we in for a wild ride, just watching her. She moves fast!



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Hello Fall

Today’s high will be 72 degrees (they say). Do you know how happy this makes me? Very. I am so excited. I LOVE Fall so much and we don’t get alot of that season this far south, but I take what I can get. It may be hot again tomorrow- I am in Texas afterall, but I’ll cross that bridge later. For now I’m enjoying the cool breeze coming from my open office window…… Here’s a view from the deck outside the office. (and right outside my window) If you look reeeaaaal close, you can see the leaves just start their change in color. Very picture-esque, wouldn’t you say?

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To ponder

My friend Kay gave me a Starbucks gift card for my birthday (thanks Kay!) and i enjoyed a DECAF latte this morning…….pure perfection. Anyways, they have little quotes on the cup so I’m reading the one on my cup and it’s by a guy named Allan Cox, author of “Your Inner CEO: Unleash the Executive Within”.  It says” By the time executives get married, take on a mortgage, raise kids, cope with the crabgrass, climb the corporate ladder, do their best to manage career pressures, build their net worth and get into their 40’s, they’ve lost touch with what they believe in and care about most deeply”.  I chewed on that for a minute. Its nothing I didn’t already know, but its a good reminder to hear/read now and then. Its so easy to get caught up in the day to day “dog eat dog”, stressful world we live in, but its important for one’s own happiness and sanity to stay grounded and stay true to what one is  passionate about………something to ponder.

On a different note, I have been getting caught up with some long overdue projects like putting photos in albums and scrapbooking. It feels good to cross these things off of my permanent “To Do” list. I just put photos in an album from our trip to the UK this past March to see our friends Rachel, Chris and Oliver. You can see how cute little Oli is in the photo below……we had such a great time. We miss you Oli!

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Gimme a beat

25 week dr. appt. this morning- had to do a Gestational Diabetes blood test- not so fun. Those who know me best know how I used to struggle with bloodwork- I think I came very close to passing out cold  once from getting blood drawn when I was about 12. But now I am much better at that- haven’t had any problems with it for years. (finally learned the key is not looking!)  Anyways,  I do look forward to my dr. appts. for the sole reason of getting to hear baby’s heartbeat. Its such a great feeling to know that her little heart is just beating away in there!  Wayne likes to say to the nurse “Nurse….Gimme a beat”. Today her heartbeat was 130 BPM…..much faster than an adult heartbeat!

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Well, here it is. My attempt at the ol’ blog. Bear with me for a a while- I’m still learning! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and thought my birthday would be a fitting time to roll her on out and debut! So, about my birthday……it was one of the best in recent memory. My boss ladies gave me the day off as a present to start– and Wayne happened to have the day off, so we got to spend a beautiful fall afternoon together toodling around town. We went to Townlake with Niblet and then to one of my favorite places in town- Flip Happy Crepes for a delicious lunch of, well, crepes. Top that off with a nap, then a delicious dinner made by a very sweet husband  and what more could a girl want?  Nothing. Oh, how could I forget? The cherry on top was cupcakes for dessert from Sugar Mama’s bakery (Red Velvet for me, Jack’s Lemon for mom and The Elvis for Wayne).  Now THAT’s what I call a perfect day.

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