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why, hello there


Thanks for stopping by! I’m just busy being 11.75 months old and gearing up for my 1st birthday Saturday. My mama keeps saying how she cannot believe it over and over. But there’s no slowing me down- I am growing like a weed, indeed. I’m almost up to 20 LBS now. And I am so very close to walking– I get a little better at it every day. I love babbling, especially saying “dada” and “uh-oh”. I also have a penchant for cheese, broccoli and yogurt. Oh, and I *love* to swing at the park! And I love my bath, and I have just discovered that I love balls too. What I am not fond of is getting my nails trimmed, my teeth brushed or eating mashed potatoes. But I’m pretty easygoing for the most part, I am told….stay tuned for birthday photos!  xx


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