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Ever so thankful

I don’t need to point out how long its been since I last posted. A few months have gone by and so much has changed: from my job to my baby to myself, etc. And may I say “whew!”….its been a bit crazy (for lack of a better word). But I have a moment right now thanks to the world’s best napping baby, so I thought I would document how thankful I am feeling right now. It’s a Thursday, I have the day off with sweet Romy Belle, and life is good. I could put together a laundry list of things that are not so good, but instead, it feels so nice to think about all the things I am grateful for as we approach another Thanksgiving. Its pretty obvious what I am most thankful this year- my beautiful baby girl, the true apple of my eye. 

I am so blessed that she is healthy and thriving. I am also thankful for my special, loving and supportive husband. My life would be nothing without those two people in it.

I am thankful to live in a country that even with all its problems, is so plentiful. I have been having feelings of guilt these last few months about going back to work full time and being away from Romy, and not having the time I want to do certain things like write on this blog, but it all seems so miniscule when I step back and focus on the greater things to be thankful for. It makes those things feel a bit smaller.


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