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This is what I was greeted to first thing this morning- those four sweet words from my sweet baby girl. Melt.  This year she seems to understand that this is a special day for mamas- and wished me a happy day all day long. I was treated to sunflowers, a special homemade card (wook mama, I made an R and an E for you) and chocolate! My people know me well 🙂

What she could not possibly understand at this age is just how full of love my heart is for her, and that bringing her into this world has made me be more of the person I was always intended to be.  I thank God for the opportunity to be this child’s mother and to feel the unconditional love that we have  for each other.

We spent the day with my mama, taking her to lunch and relaxing in the backyard. It was just one of those days that felt really really good.


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