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20 Months

That’s so strange to write. 20 months. That’s 4 months away from 2! *big sigh*. This little toot is busier than ever. Lots and lots of running , jumping, laughing, learning, imitating, loving,screaming and whining. And taking her shoes off about 17 times a day. That one wins the award for most irritating. Hmm, or is it whining? They are tied.  Today for the first time ever, she sat still on the couch with me to watch Tinkerbell for about 30 min. straight. It was lovely, just 30 minutes of snuggling under a pink blanket with my girl, while her introduction to fairies stirred her curiousity.  Might have to investigate a Tinkerbell costume for Halloween. Also, someone is starting to “help” me pick out her clothes. Good times!


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party time

Our dear friends baby Anthony turned one recently. He has a crush on Romy and always kisses her when we are over. Romy loves his big sister Isabel and follows her around. I hope they are friends for many years to come.

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Wow. I really, really, really cannot believe its Sept. 3. I mean I really, really, really cannot believe it. I should get with the program, right? August was quite blurry for me in a lot of ways I also think I just sort of lost my mojo, if you will. (Did I just say “mojo”???) But never fear, September is here and I am ready to embrace it wholeheartedly. Today’s weather was overcast and a touch cooler than it has been, and I am sure that I felt Fall off in the horizon. I must say I am so ready for it! Did I mention that Fall/Autumn is my very favorite time of the year? And when Mother Nature even *thinks* about turning in that direction, I jump the gun and insist on bringing out the sweaters, soup recipes and spice scented candles. Can’t help it. I am itching to take Romy on her first trip to pick out a pumpkin, her first hayride and all sorts of other fun stuff. And I will admit that I’ve been browsing the shops online and Craigslist in search of the perfect Halloween costume for the little lady. Such fun!

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