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better late than never

It’s four days before Fall officially starts (yippee!) and I’m finally getting around to writing about our trip to Arkansas to see Romy’s Grandma and Grandpa Brown back in early August.  We had a great week just relaxing and taking it really really easy. One day it poured sheets of rain the whole day ans we just sat and watched it. It was perfect. It hasn’t rained like that in Austin in months. We are still in such a drought- it’s awful. 

My parents live minutes from Lake Ouachita, one of the prettiest lakes in the country.  So of course a day on the lake was in order.



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Sunflowers from Wayne just because. What is it about sunflowers that always make me happy? He knew exactly what I needed that day!

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ten years later

Ten years later, there are no words that I could say that someone else hasn’t already said. No feeling I could feel that others haven’t felt. Now a decade later, those of us that were in NYC the day the country stood still still share  the same bond that we shared that Tuesday morning. We could never forget the sights, sounds, and smells that were present that day and for days and weeks to follow. Papers from the Twin Towers blowing in the street as I walked to work, ash from the rubble and debris making their way from lower Manhattan to my Brooklyn home windowsill. Millions of people with glazed and saddened looks in their eyes as we tried to go about our business in the days that followed, wondering if the terror was over and how we could go on united as a city, as a country. Everyone knew someone who knew someone who had perished. For me, it was a coworker who lost her brother in Tower 1. The sadness I felt at his funeral was a different kind of sadness than I’ve ever felt before. I will never forget it.

As I went about my daily life today, I could not help but spend most of it reflecting on that day 10 years ago. I thought about the people who lost their lives, their families whose fate was forever changed that morning, and what’s really important in this life. I thought about the friends with whom I will forever be bonded with, as we all tried to be there for one another (they all know who they are), acting as stand in family.  There were tears shed, but also feelings of peace and overwhelming gratitude.

My story of Septemer 11, 2001. One that will  be told to my child, and surely to her child, and then to her child. It’s been 7 years since I have called New York City my home, but I will always feel a tie to it like no where else I’ve ever been.

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