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Peonies. My favorite. Also, wishing a very Happy Birthday to my second Mom today! Love you Dise.


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It’s been a rough few days, to be honest. My mom had emergency surgery on Friday night, and although she is recovering well, it came out of left field and threw me for a bit of a loop. I’m just thankful that she should make a complete recovery.

As a separate note and aside, here is one of my favorite versions of one of my favorite songs . I wish I could go home, get under a blanket and listen to it over and over.

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I mean, really. This killed me. I know kids like to dress up and such, but just watching her wear this around the house made me hot! I had to plead with her to take them off when we left the house. She’s really into these mittens, I tell you.

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Father’s Day

 I had been wanting to make one of these for awhile, while Ro’s hands are still tiny. So I did a little research on how to make concrete garden pavers and thought “even I can do that!” So off  to Lowe’s I went last week, toddler in tow,  lugging home a 40 lb. bag of concrete mix. During Romy’s nap, (in the 100 degree heat mind you) I mixed up the concrete and poured it into a little plastic plant saucer. Then after her nap she got to work her magic with her handprints. It took several tries to get just the right “look”. It may take less tries for someone who is not type A like me 🙂

Then we stuck on the little stones that I bought at the Dollar Store. In the end, I was really proud of our little paver and Wayne loved it. Hooray for successful craft projects!

I had asked Wayne if he wanted to do something fun by himself for awhile, you know, as a special “treat” on Father’s Day. He said he couldn’t really think of anything and just wanted to spend the day with his girls. (awww……I have to admit if I was in his shoes I could def. think of a way to kill an hour by myself. Actually, I’d just put ear plugs in, and stay in bed an extra hour!) So we went swimming at one of our new favorite city pools. As far as city pools go, it’s sort of insane. There’s a lazy river where you float on inner tubes, two big water slides for big people, and a really big kiddie pool with a kiddie slide . Oh! And snow cones! What more do you want at a pool? They thought of everything.

There was really strong wind blowing yesterday, and with the temp. at 100 it felt exactly like a blowdryer! We were armed with our SPF 30, hats and cover ups, but after a few hours of fun and sun it was time to call it a day. Texas summer sun really wipes you out.

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so true.

Things that matter most should never be at the mercy of things that matter least. (Goethe)

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My big girl. This morning we went out for a little morning adventure before the heat became unbearable. As we went around the block, stopping to look for rolie-polies (she loves), I was so thankful to have that time with her, just the two of us. It was one of those perfect moments where all seems right.   Today we spent most of the morning just playing – it felt nice to let the errands wait, and just do puzzles, water the flowers together and go for a walk.

This salad was made also:

It’s orzo, fresh corn, red onion, tomatoes, basil and olive oil annd red wine vinegar. I made it last week too. I’m thinking I will make it next week too! We go nuts with corn in the summer while its so good and fresh.

I also made strawberry ice cream and it might be my favorite one so far. Even better than Haagen Dazs- truly.

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friday five

1. Making this sandwich this weekend, and adding my homemade chipolte mayo that Wayne and I are now addicted to.

2. Dying to see Tree of Life with Brad Pitt- maybe this weekend? Mom, are you reading? 🙂

3.  I am so happy with the body scrub I made this week. It’s coconut oil, sugar, and lemon zest. That’s it. I have been on the hunt for the perfect sugar scrub for years and can not find one I really like that isn’t outrageously expensive, so I made my own. Also, I am newly obsessed with coconut oil. Mmmmmm…….

4. Taking Romy swimming tomorrow. Yay!

5.  been using the heck out of my ice cream maker-first vanilla frozen yogurt, then chocolate ice cream, then dark chocolate frozen greek yogurt. Up next Im thinking mint chip ice cream with mint from the back yard. I’m a little too excited about all of these ice cream possibilities. See honey, I *will* actually use the ice cream maker more than once. We may have to buy bigger clothing, but I will use that ice cream maker 🙂

Happy weekend!

Happy we

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