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Friday Five

Never fear, the Friday Five is back! (Ok, so I like to entertain myself. I realize there are probably about 10 people who read this blog….)

1.  This is cool: http://1010project.com/

2. Did you know I dont like sushi? I don’t . No matter how many times I try to get into the sushi phenomenon, it does nothing for me.

3. These baby leggings are about the cutest things I have ever seen……good grief. I’m afraid I will have to get these for Ro. Too bad they don’t have them in my size or I’d get them for myself too!

4. This Broken Glass Jello would be really fun to make for Romy’s next birthday. I am thinking about doing a rainbow theme so that would fit in nicely! She would love it. 

5.  I love making pumpkin bread this time of year and plan on making a big batch this weekend. Also have a pumpkin pasta sauce I want to try. I love all things pumpkin in the Fall!


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Sunday was my birthday and you know what?  36 ain’t so bad. It was a really relaxing day that started with breakfast with the huz, baby and my mama, and concluded with a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse , complete with fried pickles(!) and sangria. What more could I ask for? I have decided that I am not going to be mopey about turning 36— I figure there will be plenty of time for mopey when I turn 40, as I am sure I will mope a bit about that one.  So I may as well enjoy the ride on the way and just appreciate that I am fortunate enough to celebrate another birthday, and be ever so thankful for all the blessings I have .  Also, I took the whole week before my birthday off for a little “staycation” , if you will.  It was marvelous! I got so many things done, and even squeezed in a bath, an old DVD (Amelie, which I adore), and a teeth cleaning at the dentist which felt so good to cross of the ol’ list.  Not to mention the kitchen renovation we have started ( what have we gotten into?) Its slowly coming along, and we are now waiting for the delivery of the countertops and our cork flooring. All in all, it was a wonderful birthday week.

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