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weekend in review

suited up and ready to row

canoe on Town Lake. so much fun.

austin downtown…..

swans and ducks coming right up to the canoe

mimi’s birthday brunch at maria’s taco express. baby loves live music.

robelle and her mimi getting funky on the “dancefloor” at brunch.

raking leaves is so much fun when you are not the one working.


Ahh… ice cold chardonay? check. delish buffalo chicken potoato thingy’s? check. oscars? check. perfect ending to a great weekend.


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Everyone Poops

Disclaimer:  this post contains more rambling about poop and potties than you might want to read about.  *You have been warned*  …………………………………..Well, folks- its time. Potty time. Not  to be confused with Party Time.  It blows my mind that my baby girl is two years old, and that we are entering the maze known as Potty Training. Here’s what’s going on:  I bought her a little seat that fits on the big toilet seat a couple weeks, just to see if she showed any interest. She did. She wanted to sit on right away. So off came the diaper and up she went. And we sat. And sat…….and then she said ” all done” like an old pro. Except nothing had been “done”. I told her Good Job and gave her a big hug. I was just happy that she wanted to try it out. So every day we read our new books about the potty, and of course we had to get the legendary Everone Poops  (those crazy Japanese) which she would have read to her all day if I would indulge her. (what is it with kids and poop, anyways?!) She even sleeps witih that book. Kids……..

Every day she wants to sit on the potty- and she has actually pooped in it once! She was so proud- grinning ear to ear! She got TWO stickers, one for each hand. Point of the story is that this whole process might take awhile…….but that’s ok……….Secretly I don’t want my baby to even be out of diapers. I know that is crazy.  One day I’m taking away her bottle, and the next day I’m taking her out of diapers. *sad face*.  Her Dr. said some kids don’t even get trained till they are 4 (!) years old! Fine by me, I say. Well, OK, now that I think about it, I could live without changing diapers for 2 more years!

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Winter Wonderland

Well, not really. But guess what? We got snow! In Austin, Texas! Sure it was about one inch and lasted for one day, and to call it a winter wonderland is a bit of a stretch, but hey! We’ll take a snow day, thank you very much. Romy woke up to a lovely blanket of white in the back yard on Friday  and was quite impressed.

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