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let it be

Will there ever truly be another band like The Beatles? I really don’t think so. Heard this song today on the way to work and hello, waterworks. Crying face is not the best face to have as you enter work! Oh well.


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a summer wedding

My baby sister  got married last weekend.  I could not be happier for her!  I even mustered the courage to give a toast.  (simple to some, but in terms of speaking in front of crowds, I tend to be a be sort of like Cindy Brady in that Brady Bunch episode where she is a deer in headlights when she is on the TV show…but I digress). I am 10 years her senior, but she is honestly one of my best friends. She is by far the sibling that I feel closest to. Congratulations Jamie and Brent! May you love each other for better and for worse, for sickness and in health, and for all the rest of your days.

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simple fun

I relish these days. When we can spend a morning painting in the sun, listening to birds and the sprinklers, and just being present.   When I am 85 I will hopefully look back and remember these sweet  moments we had together.

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