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friday five

1. Made this cornbread last night. Seriously, it might be the best cornbread I’ve ever made. It was so good. Secrets are buttermilk, honey and the addition of actual corn. I did not brush honey on the top during baking, as suggested.  Made it with my tried and true blackbean soup  and it was a delicious combination. I’ll post that recipe some other time. I am fully aware that its weird to make hot soup in 95 degree weather.  That’s just how I roll….

2. Romy has really started to get into pretend play, its pretty darn cute. You know, giving her little baby a bottle, cooking, etc. I am starting to research play kitchens, but holy moly, look at this and this. I am thinking it would be fun to make her one! Hmmm…

3.  My sister Lindsay and her family are coming to visit us tonight- very excited. We are going to a water park which should be fun. Could be crazy too…stay tuned.

4.  I have a new show: Work of Art on Bravo. Yep, another reality show, but it follows Top Chef, which we watch, and it is about artists competing to have their own show at the Brooklyn Museum and also for $100k. Its pretty amusing.

5.  I’m totally making this for Ro asap-banana ice cream! Using only bananas. I’m intrigued.

Have a great weekend!


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Romy’s Room

Anyone with a one year old can attest to the amount of stuffed toys that can be aquired in one year- and man! It’s alot. I love them all and I know baby does too, but it can get a little out of control when they are strewn about all over the room. We found this little frog thing at Ikea last weekend to hold all her friends. I love it. Of course today, said friends are all out of their pouches and lying all over the floor, but at least they have a home to retire to each day. Each day being the key word. Ahem.

We also removed my hope chest that was in there, as it was just taking up too much space, and repplaced it with this neat little cabinet that used to be Wayne’s sister Anna’s when she was a little girl. There is a three-tier shelf that attaches to it, but we aren’t using it right now-maybe one day. All her toys are in this cabinet. At least while the photo was being taken.

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Dear Ro-bot, aka Shuggie, aka,Robelle…..well, you are 1.5 years now. That’s very close to 2.0 years, and any minute I’m going to blink and you will be 16. Good grief. Are you sure you need to keep growing? That being said, you are such a little toot(a real handful) right now that I secretly look forward to you growing out of the terrible twos phase, which apparently, starts well before two! Everything is “mine” and lots of whining, HOWEVER, it must be noted that you have not really had a full blown crazy tantrum per se.    Sure you get fussy and can cry at the strangest of times, but I hear that’s just what 1.5 yr olds do. You get frustrated when you can’t put a lid back on a tupperware, or when I won’t let you take the lid off your toothpaste tube, but I think that just goes with the territory. You are also in a constant state of teething, so that can’t be easy. It seems that every time I look in your mouth there’s always some little tooth starting to poke its way through. Can’t wait till you can tell us exactly what is wrong ! Because at this point is a guessing game. Oh! About this “mine” word….sometimes you use it correctly, and sometimes you don’t. As in, sometimes you confuse it with  the word “no”. It’s quite amusing.  You will push something away when its offered to you, such as a drink, and say “mine, mine” and whining. But! Good news! You are doing lots and lots of cute and charming things right now as well. Babbling up a storm, lots of giggles and LOTS of dancing as well. You are starting to get into playing “kitchen” as well, and we just bought you some little mini pots and pans from IKEA this weekend which you love….I truly love watching you learn something new daily, and you continue to remind me to find joy and beauty in the simplest things. I love you so very much.

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friday five


1. went to new children’s boutique yesterday called  GaGa (wish they had a website) to get my friend Sarah a baby gift, and man! I was like a kid in a candy store. I had to really use willpower to not go nutso- great unique selection of baby/kids clothing, toys, etc. Good price range too. Totally going back…

2. i have this summer cold-thingy that is driving me nuts. hopefully it disappears this weekend.

3. We are addicted to this  corn salad recipe. I make this on what seems to be a weekly basis this summer, and haven’t tired of it yet. It is mega-yum. I add halved cherry toms, but other than that I follow Ina’s recipe, but dont really measure the basil. I just go out back and clip a bunch and slice the leaves up confetti-style. I love corn and basil together. It is key to use fresh corn-really, it is. Huge difference. And! I have a new way of cutting my fresh corn off the cob! It is amazing! You will think so too! (hopefully). You get your bundt pan and place your cob on the hole opening and shave of the kernels. The corn falls off into the pan, not all over your cutting board and floor. Amazing I say. Thanks shutterbean(scroll down her post for visual)! Maybe I’m easily impressed, but I cannot get over how much I enjoy cutting corn off the cob now. Is that weird?

4. We are hooked on the show Breaking Bad. Renting it from Season 1 on Netflix and find ourselves watching two, three episodes at a time.

5. Thinking about taking Romy to the Austin Children’s Museum this weekend. Been wanting to go- they have a toddler section  and I’m curious to see what Romy makes of it…

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” In New York, I’m preaching from where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do…”       Today I had the day off, and decided to drop Romy of at daycare for the morning to have a little “me” time, which is something I normally do not do. Let me say just say that  I could get used to that! I drove to Town Lake and did the 3 mile course, with my ipod cranked up. The sun was out but it wasn’t unbearably hot yet, and life was good. As I hummed along to Jay-Z  and Alicia Keys’ song, I began to think of NYC and all the details that I love about it.  I really do miss it often, as I spent some of the best years of my life there, and if money were no object I think we’d have been much more torn about leaving it for Texas! If we won the lottery, we could live there, send Romy to a good school, and fly home to Texas to see family once a month or so. Ahh, one can dream…  The saying is true: if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere. 1480 sq. feet seems awfully spacious when you have spent 7 years living in NY shoeboxes! But for all the trials and idiosyncrasities that NYC can impose, I had a lovely tree lined street in Park Slope Brooklyn with Prospect Park for my backyard. I had Connecticut Muffin down the street for iced coffee and lemon muffins (too often!) There was an energy to life that I don’t think any other city can duplicate. There’s diversity in every nook and cranny. There’s a museum on every corner and the best food I’ve ever eaten. I could go on, but you get the jist. I love being back in Texas near family and friends, and I truly love Austin. But there will always be a place in my heart for NY….I can’t wait to show Romy mama and papa’s old stompin grounds one day. I hope she’ll love it as much as I do.

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