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This past weekend the temperature in Austin really started to heat up. We are in the 90’s and summer is officially on. Even though it’s technically still Spring. That never means a thing in the South. On Sunday Wayne took Romy to the store to pick out a pool for the yard. She came running in the house as if she discovered a pot of gold and shouted “look mama!” and was beaming with pride at the sight of her new green plastic pool.  She picked it out which cracks me up. This was one of those rare lazy weekends, with little to no commitments.

one happy kid

how we roll

There was also the discovery of a new summer cocktail which I am head over heels with. Very refreshing. Very similar to Sangria without orange liquor. Cheaper AND quick to make. Y.U.M!

All in all just the kind of weekend I like- simple, happy and carefree.


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This could be dangerous. Really, really dangerous. Meet my Mothers Day gift.

I don’t remember when I started putting the bug in Wayne’s ear that I wanted an ice cream maker. Maybe last summer? I’ve always thought it would be fun to make our own ice cream- there are so many flavors out there! And we are an ice cream lovin’ group here. I have fond memories of being at family gatherings when I was little, and there would be homemade ice cream (peach and vanilla come to mind) made in one of the old fashioned crank machines that uses rock salt! It was always a special treat.  I think Wayne’s dad Walter still has an ice cream machine that uses rock salt. He has always made his own ice cream throughout the years and his family loves it too.

Alas, my machine is a shiny chrome Cuisinart that requires no rock salt and not nearly the time and patience that the old machines need, but I can’t wait to start our own memories of ice-cream filled summers.

Of course we had to test out the machine straight away, so I started small with vanilla frozen yogurt. Can you believe I didn’t even make true ice cream for its maiden voyage? I don’t know, I was just compelled to try frozen yogurt. Because if it tasted yummy, we could make it alot more often than ice cream. (hello 3 cups of heavy cream!)

Here was the line up:

Five ingredients. That’s the way it should be! Romy got to “help” of course. She stirred the ingredients for a few seconds with the whisk before we poured it all in the machine. And there was lots of finger dipping going on. I’ve got to keep an eye on that girl!

Into the machine it all went, and 25 minutes later we had ice cream. *full disclaimer*:  Its very soft and creamy at that point, but for a firmer, harder ice cream you stick it in the freezer for an hour or two. I did that because I like a firmer ice cream, but it would be just as good without freezing it first.

Verdict: Really yummy. Do you like how we added mini chocolate chips? Wayne’s idea.   So pleased with my first homemade ice cream , er, frozen yogurt! Romy gives it a thumbs up too. She got colored sprinkles on hers, which she thought was pretty magical.  Next up: I’m torn between chocolate ice cream or mint chocolate chip……..Will keep you posted!

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Mothers Day

I am so blessed that I got to spend Mothers Day with my mom and my favorite girl.  Three generations….Lots of love.  I love these photos ….. It’s funny, because I really don’t like having my photo taken. I’d much rather be taking the photo. But I look really happy in these photos, and I was. It showed.

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Becoming a parent means the start of all kinds of kiddie events you would never have imagined attending in pre-baby days. I thought this might annoy me, but turns out I really enjoy these things for the most part. Being around other families definately takes the edge off of being out in public with a loose cannon toddler, and it’s really nice being surrounded by all sorts of little people who are so free spirited and optimistic. It’s a win-win. We went to the Austin Family Music Festival (fifth annual, to be exact) yesterday- kids music, hay rides, pony rides and puppets. Rounded out by hot dogs, popcorn, lemonade and cotton candy. I love it. We got there early enough that it wasn’t super hot yet *pats herself on the back* and started our day by listening to this really cool Japanese drum presentation. Wayne and I were really impressed, and I think the little one was too as she sat still for 15 minutes straight staring at the stage.  It’s fun to try to imagine what’s going on in her little head when she sees something like that for the first time. We then moved on to the PONY RIDES! Can I just say how happy it made me to see my little toot on a miniature pony?! I mean, c’mon people, what’s cuter than that? In true Romy fashion, she just took it all in, with no fear whatsoever.

See the death grip I have on her top? Ha!

little lady got to climb up in a real fire truck! I think she thought it ws going to take her on a ride though. no dice.

These are “The Biscuit Brothers” along with “Tiny Scarecrow”. Are you cracking up? I love kids music group names. Anything goes, really. Same with kids stores.

Musical hayride! We all sang nursery rhymes while sitting on bayles of hay, being driven around by a tractor. It was terrific. Also, I love the looks we parents give each other in these circumstances. Its the look of “yeah, we are all in this together, and I know I look ridiculous singing Old MacDonald Had a Farm, but so do you, so lets just look dumb together and be cool! Oh, and sorry I am practically sitting on your lap ” 🙂

Here is our musical hayride ring leader extraordinaire…..

After a few hours of partying on the farm, we headed home to put Ro down for what would thankfully turn out to be a nice looooong nap. Thank goodness, because I am also learning that being in the hot sun on a farm with tons of children can make you feel like you have been hit with a ton of bricks when it’s all over! See you next year Family Music Festival!

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Happy Mothers Day to the three  in my life- my mom, my step mom, and Wayne’s mom.  They each play a very special role in my life and in my daughter’s life, and I love each of them so much! I am honored and thrilled to be part of this club.

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While our internet is working (grrrr…..), here are some photos from the weekend….

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May Flowers?


It’s 60 degrees here today in Austin , TX. What the what?! I went into the grocery store yesterday  afternoon hot and sweaty, as it had been in the mid 80’s and humid as all get out earlier in the day. When I stepped out of the store 30 minutes later, the temperature had dropped about 25 degrees. A bit refreshing at first, but can I please have my May weather back? The whole week is supposed to hover in the 60’s! Sorry to ramble about the weather- but it’s just so strange for this time of year. I’ll need to wear a jacket at the outdoor concert we are going to tomorrow evening (Arcade Fire-can’t wait) and maybe boots for that matter.

We went to the zoo yesterday morning and had a lovely time.  The Austin Zoo is very “Austin”, which I love. It’s more of a refuge than a zoo. All of the animals have been rescued, many from people who had them as pets. (because it’s a great idea to try to make a domestic pet out of a tiger). People are crazy, aren’t they? The zoo relies on donations, grants  and volunteers mainly to keep afloat. If it wasn’t so far from my house I’d consider volunteering there.

Romy has been three times now- the first time she was 9 months old, the second time was last March when she was one, and now that she’s two, it was a totally different experience. She loved it all, but especially the petting zoo where she could feed the goats right out of her hand and pet them. I sit back and watch my daughter, and am starting to really realize that she seems to have no fear. I suppose it’s a good thing, but man! She also really got into the tigers. They were really active, swimming in their little pool and running around. You could see the excitement in her eyes, which is just so fun to watch. Later, she woke up from her nap asking about those tigers. I wonder if she had a dream about them? Funny stuff. We are having some computer problems, so Iwill have to post some photos later.

Besides the zoo, there was movie watching,  sandwich eating, mojito drinking and  sod laying (it’s looking good butwill it ever end?)

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